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Who We Are and What We Do

The Technology of Radiant Heating Systems

What makes Warm Floors ™ different from the "competition?"

Innovative Features of Warm Floors Heating Systems.

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Welcome to Warm.

This is our invitation to your warmth and comfort, a rare chance to provide unprecedented comfort to your family, with the finest heating system that money can buy.

We appreciate your interest, and are eager to join with you in adding comfort value to your dream home.

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  Mission Statement

Our mission is to:

  • Continue research and development of the world's finest comfort conditioning systems and make them available to our clients.
  • Provide service that creates legends, delivers comfort value that compels our clients to sing our praises from the rooftops, and guarantees our long-range future.
  • Create a workplace in which individuals are recognized, challenged, appreciated and well rewarded for exceptional performance and professionalism.

  Who We Are and What We Do

Warm Floors™ is the principle product, trade name and proprietary system developed and marketed since 1985. Warm Floors™ is also a dba ("doing business as") of the Warm Company, a proprietorship owned by Michael E. Luttrell. The company has been in business since April of 1977.

We offer design and packaged systems worldwide, and contracted Installation Services on the west coast of the United States. The primary activity of the Warm Company, also dba Warm Floors™, is the design and installation of proprietary hydronic radiant floor systems, on the west coast of the United States. We typically have well over 140 projects in progress at any time, or over $ 3,000,000 in contracts. The Warm Company also features:

  • Warm Pools™ (hydronic solar pool heating systems),
  • Warm Snow™ (hydronic radiant snow and ice melting systems),
  • GypSpan™ (Cementious underlayment for radiant heating)
  • Smart Heat™ (phone, computer, and smart control systems for Warm Systems)
  • Warm Seminars™ (professional educational events for a variety of groups and agencies)
  • Thermal Delights™ (special warm or cool spots that just feel good)
  • Warm Events™ (Warm Retreats™, Warm Adventures™, and Warm Experiences™) for affiliates, supporters and strategic allies, as part of marketing activities

The company is dynamically positioned, an industry innovation leader, and technologically sophisticated.

The Warm Company conducts seminars and presentations throughout the west coast for building departments, architectural offices, AIA chapters, CSI chapters, and more. The Warm Company can be seen at many national events such as the AIA, AEC and CSI National Conventions. For presentation information, contact us direct.

  The Technology of Radiant Heating Systems

Hydronic Radiant Heating is simple. Warm water is circulated through pipes in the floor, walls, ceiling or other surface to heat the building. There are a variety of designs and equipment, but the system is as simple as warm water in pipes and electronic controls.

There are numerous advantages of hydronic radiant floor heating systems, they are:

  • Clean: no dust blown around the house.
  • Quiet: no noise in house, no blowing air or sound.
  • Healthy: no allergens or pollen blowing around.
  • Invisible: no registers, grates, grills, or ducts.
  • Interior Design Freedom: no floor registers.
  • Efficient: a fraction of the cost of forced air.
  • Flexible: Macro/micro zoning and scheduling.
  • Future-ready: smart home, time/phone controls.
  • Thermal Delights: special cozy warm places.
  • Comfort: beyond your wildest warm dreams!

  What makes Warm Floors ™ different from the "competition?"


With over 25 years in business, over 1,500 installations, and over 6 million square feet of radiant heated space designed and installed, Warm Floors has more experience with modern hydronic heating systems than any company on the West Coast.


Warm For almost every application Warm Floors brings advantages that are not available with other heating system. Our partial repertoire includes:

  • Custom Homes
  • Pet Kennels
  • Pet Adoption Centers
  • Child Care Centers
  • Zoo Projects
  • Retail Stores
  • Destination Resorts
  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Greenhouses
  • Factories
  • Dormitories
  • Blood Banks
  • Snow Melt Projects
  • Retirement Homes
  • Train Stations
  • Heated Pools
  • Residence Halls
  • Lakeside Pavilions
  • Penthouses
  • Churches & Chapels
  • Recreation Centers
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Wineries & Cellars
  • Industrial Cooling Projects
  • We are interested in expanding our repertoire. If you have unique, new, unusual or challenging projects, call us.

            Associates, Allies, Connections, Suppliers, Supporters:

    Warm Floors™ has the most responsive, friendly, and helpful personnel you have ever encountered. We have searched for the best of architects, contractors, engineers, sub-contractors, suppliers, and experts, and we have built special relationships that make them an integral part of our operation. It pleases us to be able to refer them to you with confidence.

            Custom Designs and Innovative Systems:

    We do not offer stock off-the-shelf systems, but custom designs and carefully crafted installations and fabrications. Warm Floors ™ has been a pioneer and innovator in this industry for over 25 years.

            Future-Forward Organization

    Warm Floors is highly computerized and efficient. All of our business concepts, such as JIT fabrication, obsolescence resistance, dynamic positioning, target marketing, leveraging, industry networking, and more, are aimed towards a highly competitive presence in the next century


    Very few contracting companies have survived over 25 years, consistently delivering state-of-the-art technologies. When installing a comfort conditioning system in your new home, you want to know that we will be here when you need us, and we will.

      Innovative Features of Warm Floors Heating.

    We have developed the most efficient, comfortable, healthy, clean, quiet, and ecological heating system in the world. We routinely heat large homes with the same water heater used for domestic hot water. (And, NO, they NEVER run out of hot water!)

    In a field where complication and complexity is the norm, Warm Floors Systems have only one or two moving hydronic parts (pumps), plus they are the simplest systems available, easily repairable with readily available components.

    Some important developments and innovations unique and often proprietary to Warm Floors Hydronic Heating Systems are:

           System Designs:

    • Custom designed pipe layout, specific to the needs of the project and inhabitants.
    • Modulation of heat output flux proportional to heat loss (Premium Design).
    • Macro-zoning of areas (such as bedrooms, living zones, entertainment, guest areas).
    • Micro-zoning of special places for pets, toilet areas, rare piano zones, and window seats.
    • Choice of economical Select or custom Premium layout designs.
    • Thermal Delights (special warm places) such as marble tub surrounds or shower seats.
    • Pipe layout designs without balancing valves and procedures (Balance by Design).
    • NO moving or adjustable valves or parts located in the walls.


    • Pipe: high temperature/pressure PEX plastic, chemically inert, flexible, non-corrosive, continuous in floor, no joints, splices, or mechanical connections, 25 year warranty.
    • Pumps: replaceable cartridge, sealed bearing, fractional HP, 3 year warranty.
    • Other components: all stainless, copper, brass or plastic, without ferrous/iron parts.
    • Heat Exchanger: all stainless steel, oven brazed, counterflow, plate design, efficient.
    • All parts and materials are common readily available, easy to service and replace.

          The Hydronic Control Module:

    • Contains complete heating system, except for heat source, floor piping and thermostats (includes pumps, electronic controls and zone valves, fluid regulation, expansion tank, etc).
    • Pre-fabricated for quick installation and easy replacement if needed.
    • Small, hang-on-the-wall, less than 65 pounds; can be shipped by UPS or common carrier.
    • Integrates with passive or active solar with some additional parts (valve, controls).
    • Automatic pressure, temperature, and flow regulation without complicated devices.
    • Automatic water make-up valve with backflow protection and fast flush lever.
    • Automatic expansion chamber air recharging and excess air venting.
    • No regular scheduled maintenance required; nothing to oil, clean, or service.

           Source of Heat:

    • Houses may be heated with the same water heater used for domestic hot water.
    • "Combined Hydronic" configuration creates ultimate
    • Any source of low temperature (90-120°) water can be used, including solar & heat pumps.
    • Module is independent of source of heat, either of which can be changed easily.
    • Common sources of heat include conventional and instantaneous water heaters, boilers, active solar systems, water and ground source heat pumps, and waste heat sources. in energy efficiency and simplicity.
    • Fuel can be anything commonly available: gas, propane, oil, electric, wood, solar, compost.

           Electronic Control Systems:

    • Warm Floors Systems can be controlled with most 24 VAC thermostats.
    • The optional Smart Heat System; based on "line carrier command system", uses house wiring to carry signals, requires no extra low voltage wiring.
    • Telephone interface to turn on/off, adjust or monitor system from any phone in the world.
    • Controls are able to use air, water, in-floor or combined sensors to regulate temperature.
    • Economical multiple zoning.
    • Control System integrates seamlessly with all home automation systems on the market.

           Future-Forward Technology:

    • Completely flexible components with an eye toward future enhancements and changes.
    • Obsolescent resistant. Source of heat and modularized design easily upgraded.
    • Consistent and more efficient with "time-of-use" utility rate structures.

           Thermal Delights:

    • Thermal Delights are special warm places, accomplished with additional pipe and controls.
    • Pet areas for cats, arthritic dogs, hatching ostriches, Asian elephants, lion cubs, and more.
    • Popular for window nooks, patio benches, shower seats and floors, and children play areas.
    • Tub surrounds of marble, tile or other stone. Robe, towel, shoe and other warm storage.
    • Plant places for tropical plants like orchids or other sensitives. Root heat for germinating.
    • Equally, cool areas for shaggy dogs, cool loving plants, pantries or wine cellars.


    The Warm Floors Experience:

    Over 90% of those who receive a written proposal, meet our associates, and investigate our technology and reputation, choose
    Warm Floors. You will too!