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On this page you will find specific information about:

  • Proposals,
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      Call and ask for specific information:

    The best way to learn about us is to explore our entire web site, and then call us for an Information Package. Our Information Package includes: sample plan views of our designs, cross sectional elevations, information and samples on radiant barriers, and much more.

      To obtain a detailed Proposal for your project, please provide:

    1. Scale drawings of project, preferably 1/4" = 1'-0"
    2. Site location
    3. Building areas to be heated
    4. Existing concrete slabs, if any
    5. If floors are Slab-on-Grade or wood-framed over crawl space
    6. Location of Mechanical Room
    7. Title 24 Heat Loss Report (if available) for projects in California
    8. Any special requirements or unusual conditions
    9. Indicate if remodelling, an addition, or new construction
    10. Name and phone number(s) of contact person(s)
    11. When you expect to install the Warm Floors™ system

    Thank you for your interest in Warm Floors™.

      Packaged Systems

    For even greater economy, or if you are located outside of California, we offer Packaged Systems which exclude installation by Warm Floors. The Packaged Design is identical to our Installed Systems and includes Layout Plans, Instructions, Specifications, and Consultation Telephone Time. Specialized tools (Crimp Tools, Pressure Test Pump, etc.) may be rented, if available, to complete your project.

    For questions about scheduling, delivery, or shipping, please call us.

      To help your architect, engineer or contractor learn more about Warm Floors™:

    We sponsor a variety of educational events, such as seminars, workshops, home tours, site visits, and conference presentations for professionals. The Warm Company is an authorized Continuing Education Seminar provider for the American Institute of Architects.

      Watch for us on television:

    Warm Floors™ is featured on This Old House. The project is a remodel of a San Francisco neighborhood church into a residence. Check your local PBS channel for time and date.